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Have some XFactor Dannii Minogue Gifs!
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You Can't Forget The Past.

My first fic, so go easy on me! :P

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Trying something new! Non-Strictly ;)

I'm currently in the middle of making an 'All The Small Things' Esther & Jake Fan video.
'All The Small Things' was a BBC drama on sometime in 2009.
- I will also be uploading the first bit to my first fanfic, 'You Can't Forget The Past'. It is mainly based on Artem Chigvinstev from Strictly Come Dancing.
Will you want to see the fan video and fanfic?

Please leave me a comment with your thoughts :)
Fan video of Strictly Come Dancing Series 4 Contestants, Louisa Lytton and Vincent Simone.
Fan video of Strictly Come Dancing Series 6 Contestants, Christine Bleakley and Matthew Cutler.

Jodie & Ian Fanvid (Band Aid - Pixie Lott)

Fan video for Strictly Come Dancing Series 6 Contestants, Jodie Kidd and Ian Waite.

My first ever fan video, for Strictly Come Dancing Series 5 Winners Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler. My favourite couple ever.


Hello LiveJournal!

I've mainly created an account to showcase my fanfics and other things, hoping for other peoples opinions.
There are mainly all based on Strictly Come Dancing!
I'm not a very experienced writer, so my first couple aren't very good - be nice! Haha ;D